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All those years on since Ellie first fired up her oven, and Warburtons is now the largest bakery business in the country. How’s that for staying power? We’re proud to say we’re still a family-owned business, actively managed by the fifth generation – Jonathan, Ross and Brett.

But back to their great-great-aunt. Like Ellie, we’re not fond of sticking to the norm and are always striving to find a better, tastier, fresher way. Our gift boxes are dressed to impress in a beautiful presentation box and the option to add a gift note. Just like Ellie, great taste never goes out of style!

Try our latest creations today, from our family to yours

“Our Ellie’ knew a thing or two about baking. From her shop in Blackburn Road, Bolton, 147 years ago, she made her first batch of loaves and cakes. They sold within the hour. She was that good, a formidable lady, both direct and generous in equal measure. Thankfully, the family soon learned the only way was her way because it was the best way.

Ellie simply used a powerful combination of Northern nous, wonderful ingredients, remarkable craft, and the best oven in Bolton! Clearly, she wanted to make people happy.

The very essence of my great-great-aunt is now built into everything my family does. I know she would be modest, but nevertheless very proud of the cakes that bear her name.

I am chuffed to bits you have chosen a slice of Ellie Warburtons. Enjoy, and spread some happiness in your family."

From the weighing scales to the oven

At Warburtons, we know our dough. But, as you’ll have read above, Ellie’s first batch of cakes in 1876 sold out within the hour, so we’ve got big ol’ shoes to fill!

So, before we threw our hats into the ring, we undertook 9 months of thorough taste-tasting to ensure our cakes were the real deal. It’s not rocket science, but it was a skill to find the perfect balance of honest ingredients, unique flavour combos and that knock-out taste. It was a tough gig for those fearless taste-testers, but we’re sure you’ll agree that they did a cracking job!

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