Top-notch recipes. Honest ingredients. Expertly combined. That's what we’re all about.

What’s all this, then?

We’re here to champion all things in life that are good – family, friends, honest ingredients…and, of course, cake!

Ours are a statement of what you can achieve when you throw out the preservatives and the artificial flavouring, and gather a kitchen full of trouble-makers who don’t pull their punches when it comes to wonderful flavour – not to mention a shedload of imagination!

The world of cake is going to change, and we’re the people who will change it.

We are Ellie Warburtons.

Nothing says it like cake!

And, by our reckoning, cake is the perfect way of showing you care (move aside, flowers!), and it’s also something to savour and celebrate in the moment. That’s why everything we make is led by the simple principle of freshness. Our cakes are the real deal – there are no artificial preservatives in sight, meaning they should be eaten within two days of your gift arriving (if they last that long, of course!).

Our creations are lovingly brought to life in our family-run business. And because we use honest ingredients, our cakes not only taste marvellous, but they’ll also make your lucky recipient feel good. Really good. After all, nothing says it like cake!

What’s more, each order comes dressed to impress in an elegant presentation box – meaning you can spread the love and show off your impeccable taste at the same time! Just like ‘our Ellie’, great taste never goes out of style!

See for yourself.

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Bolton, born and raised

We’ve shown you what we’re made of – but delicious, honest ingredients are only part of the tale.

Our story is inspired by one formidable lady, her shop on Blackburn Road, Bolton, and a sell-out batch of cakes. And we’re as passionate about baking as the day she first fired up her oven in 1876.

Read all about our story below!

Our story