Time to shine! Ellie Warburtons TV debut on Channel 4’s Inside the Superbrands

Time to shine! Ellie Warburtons TV debut on Channel 4’s Inside the Superbrands

Time to shine! Ellie Warburtons TV debut on Channel 4’s Inside the Superbrands

In a whirlwind of new products, delicious flavours and our new-season Skipton store, we’re delighted to be able to celebrate yet another exciting occasion – we’ve made our official television debut!

Ellie Warburtons Cakes featured in the Warburtons episode of Channel 4’s Inside the Superbrands, with the lovely Helen Skelton, on 8th May at 8pm. Those who tuned in will have seen Helen discuss all things ‘Ellie’ with the Chairman of Warburtons himself, Jonathan Warburton – including the future of the Warburtons brand and the exciting part that Ellie Warburtons has to play!

Since ‘Our Ellie’ made her first batch of loaves and cakes 146 years ago, Warburtons has grown into a household name, and provided the basis of so many staple breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Then, after nine months of thorough taste-testing to ensure our cakes were the real deal, the Ellie Warburtons team created a range of cakes from top-notch recipes and honest ingredients.

Filmed back in July 2021, Inside the Superbrands showed our Skipton pop-up shop in all its glory (and on TV for the first time!), plus the lovely faces of our wonderful team members. Eagle-eyed locals will have spotted a few things have changed, and our new-season store is better than ever! We’ve added gorgeous new comfy seating upstairs and down, along with an exciting new baked goods menu and refreshing iced coffees. And, this is all in addition to our full range of cakes and wide selection of samples for you to try!

As shown in the episode, our pop-up shops were a hugely important way that we received feedback on our cakes – from questionnaires and recording customer comments, to some fun with ping-pong balls (you’ll have to watch to find out exactly what we’re on about with this one)! We’ve used this feedback to ensure our cakes always hit the spot, finding the perfect balance of honest ingredients and unique flavour combos.

We also spied some of our cakes being baked and decorated in the bakery, and saw the Skelton family trying some of their favourites at home after ordering a box online. From the Raspberry Brownie to the Lemon with Blackberry Compote Cake, our cakes certainly got the seal of approval from Helen's family.

Order yours today and let us know which cake is your favourite! 

Did you manage to catch Inside the Superbrands Warburtons episode? If not, it's available to stream now on All 4. Get in touch on Facebook (Ellie Warburtons Cakes UK) or Instagram (@elliewarburtons) and let us know what you thought of the episode!