The perfect party favours: Bonfire Night bakes with a bang

The perfect party favours: Bonfire Night bakes with a bang

The perfect party favours: Bonfire Night bakes with a bang

While many of us typically celebrate Bonfire Night as tradition dictates, with shining sparklers and booming fireworks, that is, of course, only one way to celebrate! 

Why not make this year’s Bonfire Night cosier than ever? Dare we suggest…planning a get-together and adding a box of mouthwatering Bonfire Night bakes to illuminate your evening? 

Read on to find out how a box of Ellie’s Treats can make your Bonfire Night more dazzling than ever… 


Fire up the flavours 

Indulge in mouthwatering pieces of cake heaven this Bonfire Night and treat yourself and your loved ones to our Bonfire Night Bundle, a Mixed Double Box of Ellie’s Treats. 

This includes 24 delicious cake delights: 8 x Mini Cookie Dough with Caramel Slice, 8 x Mini Espresso Brownie and 8 x Mini Raspberry Brownie. 

So, whether your life is full of sweet and smooth, rich and warm or fruity flavour fans, an Ellie’s Treats box has a slice for everyone! 

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Warm up your celebrations 

At just £19.50 (including weekday delivery), this box is the perfect party favour. Whether you’re hosting Bonfire Night celebrations or heading out to the event of the year, prepare to be one of the most popular party guests! All you have to do is sit back and watch sparks fly as the partygoers take their first bite… 

And it’s not only parties where Ellie’s Treats will make sparks fly. The variety of flavours in the Mixed Box means that all friends’ and family members’ tastes will be satisfied, so why not invite your loved ones round for a sweet treat and a mug of hot chocolate or mulled cider? 

Gather round the fire, share your cakes and watch as the night comes to life! 


Order yours today! 

So, are you ready break up the dark autumn-winter nights with something bright? Order a Mixed Box of 24 Ellie’s Treats and add a sparkle to your Bonfire Night bash that your family and friends will never forget! 

Get ready to experience the magic… 

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Planning a party? 

Do you have another big party coming up? Maybe it’s the annual office bash or a special someone’s special birthday. Whatever the occasion, there’s no better way to say it than cake! 

Our flavourful Ellie Warburtons Cakes are the perfect addition to any celebration. Contact us today to discuss your large order requirements. 

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