Raising a teacup to Afternoon Tea Week

Raising a teacup to Afternoon Tea Week

Raising a teacup to Afternoon Tea Week

Next week is Afternoon Tea Week. Held from 7th to 13th August 2023, this exciting event celebrates one of the nation’s favourite pastimes – involving a nice brew and a hearty spread of light sandwiches, finger food and, of course, something sweet!

We love a bit of pomp and ceremony, especially when it involves cake. So it’s only right that we celebrate it in the proper manner.

So pop the kettle on and read all about the history of afternoon tea – and how here at Ellie Warburtons, we can help you create the perfect spread… 

First thing’s first, where did afternoon tea come from?

All hail a lady called Anna Maria Russell, who made it the British institution it is today. Anna was the then Duchess of Bedford, a close friend of Queen Victoria and a prominent figure within London society in the 1840s.

Back then, it was normal to have dinner from 7–9pm. Pretty late, right? There was a small meal called ‘luncheon’ to tide people over until dinner; however, it wasn’t enough and people like Anna were left with ‘that sinking feeling’ (we’ve all been there!).

She wasn’t having that, and afternoon tea was born. It soon caught on, and although it started off as the preserve of the upper classes, it’s become a quintessentially British tradition.

Afternoon tea has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, with venues across the UK offering afternoon treats, high tea and even a sparkling version of afternoon tea. It’s something we can enjoy at home too – an excuse to get out the fancy dinnerware at home and have al fresco nibbles with the family or a homemade afternoon tea for all the girls.

And since it’s Afternoon Tea Week, we’d say it’s compulsory to organise a little get-together – and we’re here to help.

What’s brilliant about afternoon tea is that there’s no set format. Of course, there are the traditional options inspired by Anna – the sweet, the savoury, the (whisper it) cucumber sandwiches and, of course, the timeless debate about whether jam or cream is added first on your scones. Either way, it’s lashings of both for us!

For us, it’s all about indulgence and flavour. Cue our delicious range! Choose one of our mixed boxes or hand-pick your personal favourites. Don’t miss our Raspberry with Passion Fruit Compote Cake, which was inspired by the classic Victoria Sponge.

You can add a second box to your order for just £10 and include a box of Ellie’s Treats for just £5.49. Lovingly baked and hand-decorated, these delicious mini cake pieces are the perfect sharing option – and would look fantastic at the top of your cake stand!

Want to add extra shine to your afternoon tea? Look out for our upcoming competition on social media, where we’re teaming up with luxury cutlery manufacturer Arthur Price to give away some delicious cakes along with some elegant Sophie Conran dessert cutlery worth over £90. Head over to our Instagram page on Monday 7th August to enter!

So, this Afternoon Tea Week, join us in raising a teacup to Anna Maria Russell…and her grumbling tummy!