Choc lovers – this one’s for you! Our Chocolate Cake is now available online

Choc lovers – this one’s for you! Our Chocolate Cake is now available online

Choc lovers – this one’s for you! Our Chocolate Cake is now available online

We’re made up with the response to our Ellie Warburtons Cakes range, and we’ve been busy dreaming up ways to enhance our offering and create a top-notch gifting experience. So, we’ll cut to the chase. Our coveted Chocolate Cake is back – for a limited time.

For those of you who’d taken a shine to this delicious flavour during our pop-up store testing phase – or perhaps you've sampled it at an event or spotted it on Channel 4’s Inside the Superbrands – it’s time to’s now available online!

Let’s dive into more detail about our limited-edition Chocolate Cake and – most importantly – what makes ours so special.

We love a rebel, and you don’t get more rebellious than having the audacity to make chocolate cake better. After all, for many, it’s considered the holy grail of cake. Our Ellie was one for going against the grain, so Chocolate Cake was naturally top on our list of recipes to conquer.

We’re always championing top-notch ingredients, and following an arduous (!) period of trial, error and taste-testing, we were happy that we finally found a beautifully rich chocolate worthy of our Ellie. And so, our Chocolate Cake was born, featuring a rich chocolate sponge with handmade chocolate ganache and caramel – all topped with white chocolate.

Quite simply, it’s chocolate with more chocolate. Can’t say fairer than that!





The ball’s in your court

Not all chocolate cake is made equal, and we believe it’s our years of experience, focus on top-quality ingredients and the hand-decorated finish that makes ours stand out. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait!

But as for how long this chocolatey treat will be available – it’s up to you. If you want to make this limited edition a more full-time affair, visit our online store today. Our Chocolate Cake is available in our build-a-box option and also as a box of four. After all, sometimes only chocolate will do.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our Chocolate Cake online now, and keep your eyes on our blog to see what other delicious creations are on the cards for Ellie Warburtons.