A perfect blend: Introducing our new Coffee Cake

A perfect blend: Introducing our new Coffee Cake

A perfect blend: Introducing our new Coffee Cake

It’s widely rumoured that there’s nothing more perfect than coffee and cake. And we’re here to set the record straight…it’s true! At least, we think so. And here at Ellie Warburtons Cakes, we’re very proud to have a wide range of cakes with a variety of mouthwatering flavours that pair perfectly with any coffee or cuppa. 

And there’s more where that comes from! We’re thrilled to finally share our newest bake, which marries our two favourite things together: coffee and cake. It’s perfect for cake lovers that enjoy rich flavours (with a hint of sweetness) that stir up feelings of warmth and pure cake joy. 

Introducing our brand-new Ellie Warburtons Coffee Cake! 


The perfect pairing 

Our experienced Ellie Warburtons bakers know exactly what combination of coffee flavours and honest ingredients to mix together to create the perfectly balanced coffee cake – a skill that our Ellie nailed every time. 

The new Ellie Warburtons Coffee Cake pairs a coffee cake sponge soaked in a rich coffee syrup with sweet coffee cream icing, and it’s finished with dark chocolate shards. 

Ready to try it yourself? You can find the new Coffee Cake online and get your hands on a cake box filled with four delightful Coffee Cakes now! 


A cake box a day… 

A cake box a day keeps the doctor away. Well, not really, but we’d be proper chuffed with a box full of four delicious cake slices anyway! 

Our cake boxes are perfect to share and make a wonderful gift for loved ones. For coffee connoisseurs, the Coffee Cake Box complements any hot drink perfectly. We’d even say a cup of coffee and a slice of Coffee Cake are a perfect blend! 

And, of course, you can also build your own and choose four of your favourite cakes to enjoy different coffee, chocolate and fruity flavours in one exciting box. 

So whether you know someone who’s got a big birthday soon, a loved one that needs cheering up or maybe you’re even coming up to an anniversary or friend-iversary with someone special, a cake box is the perfect way to say ‘happy birthday’, ‘thinking of you’ or ‘congratulations, we made it!’ 

Cake forks at the ready 

Our delicious new Coffee Cake is available online now at elliewarburtonscakes.co.uk. 

Add the Coffee Cake Box to your basket, or build your own box and select the delivery date and time that works best for you. Each cake box is £19.50, which includes four flavourful cakes, weekday delivery and the option to add a FREE occasion sleeve and gift message – you and your loved ones will be in cake heaven in no time! 

After all, happiness is a slice of cake (and a cup of coffee).